Airrex ADH-1000 dehumidifier

Airrex ADH-1000 niiskuse eemaldaja
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Airrex ADH-1000 is easy to move, works quickly and ensures efficient air humidity control!

Product Description

Product Description

Airrex ADH-1000 dehumidifier is extremely effective at removing humidity, with a dehumidification capacity of up to 140 litres per day. Airrex is the most effective dehumidifier on the market!

The Airrex dehumidifier automatically maintains the humidity level set. The built-in condensate pump can pump water up to 5 metres straight upward if needed.

The device has an easy-to-use digital user interface. 24-hour timer, 4-speed fan control, barcode display, and a display of the current temperature and the temperature set.

Airrex ADH-1000 has an efficient screw compressor, automatic defrosting function, and a 3-metre power cord. The Airrex dehumidifier is extremely quiet.

The Airrex dehumidifier is ideal for water damage repair, dehumidification of structures, controlling the air humidity of various facilities, gyms, warehouses, newly constructed buildings, etc.

Airrex ADH-1000 dehumidifier has a 12-month factory warranty.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Recommended area: max. approx. 528 m²

Dehumidification capacity, max.: 140 l/day (30 °C/80%)

Dehumidification capacity, average: 80 l/day (27 °C/60%)

Power consumption: 2.1 kW (35 °C/60%)

Operating voltage: 9.6 A (35 °C/60%)

Supply: single-phase, 230 V, 50 Hz

Operating range: 5–35 °C, 30–90% RH

Fan settings: 4 (High/Mid/Low/Quiet)

Noise level: 53 dB

Weight: 60 kg

Size (WxDxH): 500 x 480 x 1,000 mm

Condensate: Automatic condensate pump

Air filter: Vinyl chloride

Stop timer: 24 h/30-minute increments

Safety devices: Overpressure and underpressure safety switch, 3 min. compressor delay timer, compressor overheating prevention, condensate overfill prevention, automatic defrosting