Airrex HSC-3500

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Airrex HSC-3500 is a high-capacity portable air conditioner, ideal for the effective cooling of rooms of all sizes.

Product Description

Product Description

Airrex HSC-3500 produces cool air quickly thanks to its high flow rate and effective heat exchanger. The device has three adjustable ducts for cool air that make it easy to direct the cool air at specific spots.

The cold air ducts are equipped with mechanical adjustment valves that can be used to restrict the outlet air flow. The ducts can be extended with accessories to up to 10 metres, making the total range of the device up to 30 metres.

Airrex HSC-3500 is equipped with a clear digital control panel for controlling the desired temperature and fan speed. You can see the current temperature, setting temperature and any alerts on the display. The device also has a timer function for 0–24 hours, after which it automatically shuts down.

The Airrex air conditioner automatically restarts itself after an electricity outage. It is equipped with a condensate tank. An automatic condensate pump, which eliminates the need for a collection tank, is available as an accessory.

The air conditioner can be operated at temperatures of up to 50 °C. The fan adjusts automatically at temperatures exceeding 26 °C.

Airrex HSC-3500 is easy to move. The air conditioner is ideal for locations such as factories, shipyards, metal works, glass factories, repair shops, welding workstations, engine rooms, data centres, stages, kitchens, offices, etc.

Airrex HSC-3500 air conditioner has a 12-month factory warranty.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 25,000 Btu/h / 7.330 kW/h

Power supply Ø 1 x 230 V x 50 Hz

Size (WxDxH) 490 x 600 x 1286 mm

Weight 90 kg

Starting current 57 A

Operating current 13 A

Power consumption 3.0 kW

Compressor capacity 2.35 kW

Cooler fan air flow 14–16 m³/min

Heat exchanger air flow 26–30 m³/min

Motor input power 0.44 kW

Air filter Mesh filter

Safety systems

  • Condensate tank overfill protection
  • Condensate tank fall leak protection
  • Overpressure/underpressure protection
  • 3 min. cooling delay
  • Compressor overheating prevention
  • Fan motor protection system

Maximum pressure 30 mmAq

Power cord length 3 m

Fan air speed 8.5–11.5 m/s 

Fan air temperature 9.5–11 °C

Refrigerant R-407C (1.2) kg

Operating temperature, min–max 25 °C DB 60% RH ~ 45 °C DB 40% RH

Cooling duct maximum length 12 m