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Additional equipment

Protective frame (Airrex AH-300)

399.00 VAT 24%

Protective frame for the Airrex AH-300 heater. The frame is beneficial when the heater is in heavier use. The frame is equipped with handles that make it easy to lift the heater.

Additional equipment

Trolley (AH-300)

120.00 VAT 24%

Handy trolley for Airrex AH-300 heater. The heater can remain on the trolley while in use. It is easy to move Airrex AH-300 heater on the trolley thanks to its large wheels and optimal balance. The trolley tow bar is removable.

Additional equipment

Exhaust silencer

89.90 VAT 24%

Exhaust silencer for Airrex AH-300 and AH-800 series heaters. Placed over the exhaust pipe, the silencer reduces the noise made by the heater by approximately 2 dB.

Additional equipment

Battery powered fuel pump

39.00 VAT 24%

The Dukshin DP-08EA is a battery-powered fuel pump with automatic stop function. The Dukshin pump also makes it easy to empty the Airrex heater tank.

Additional equipment

Airrex pouring jug

12.00 VAT 24%

With the Airrex pouring jug, you can fill, for example, the tank of a fuel-fired Airrex infrared heater without splashes. Sturdy and durable, the jug can be used with oil, water and solvents. The practical lid seals the jug and keeps odours in. Oil jug capacity 10 litres.

Additional equipment

Protective frame (Airrex AH-800)

449.00 VAT 24%

This frame for the Airrex AH-800 protects the heater from dents and scratches when the heater is in heavier use.